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This book is a collection of material by Māori practitioners. It is a practical and accessible resource for those working alongside whānau Māori. Each chapter demonstrates clear links between practice and philosophy, situating these in whakaaro Māori and in c... read more

Moemoea: Maori Counselling Journeys
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At the UN brings together a selection of addresses by Helen Clark to international audiences during her first term leading the UN Development Programme. These speeches reflect Helen Clark's passion for ... read more

At the UN: Addresses from Helen Clark's First Term Leading the United Nations Development Programme
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A new edition of a book (2003) that has an established position as an excellent guide to the law for counsellors and other social service and health practitioners. It has proven equally relevant for experienced and students engaged in counsellor. ... read more

Counselling and the Law: A New Zealand Guide (2nd edition)
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This book, written by two highly qualified New Zealand literacy researchers, is for students and other individuals with dyslexia and also for those working with them as tutors and in the workplace. The book cuts new ground in our... read more

Dyslexia Decoded: What it is, What it Isn't and What You Can Do About it
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Recovery-based support services are now fundamental in mental health service delivery. This book fills a gap, presenting applied knowledge and skills for supporting the recovery journey of peopl... read more

Supporting the Journey of Recovery in Mental Health: A Guide for Support Workers, Family/Whanau and Friends
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This book offers students and professionals alike a reflexive exploration of the practical, emotional and spiritual components of social work practice. Examples from practitioners' experiences working with families and childr... read more

Walking in People’s Worlds: A practical and philosophical guide to social work
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This book explores the concept of well-being to support personal growth and development and also to assist with recovery from relational trauma. The model used to do this is an acronym ‘Sphere’ (Spiritual well-being,... read more

The Whole Sphere: Supporting well-being and recovery from relational trauma
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A practical self-help guide for anyone who has suffered a stroke and is seeking information to speed their return to health. It is the author's personal story of having a stroke whilst cycling in the Himalayas. The book describes his determined journey toward rehabilitation and, finally, to getting back on his bike.

It's All in the Mind: Take Charge of Your Stroke Recovery
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This book has been written for parents who have used donor insemination to build their families and also for those considering whether the donor insemination o... read more

Building a Family with the Assistance of Donor Insemination
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This text tackles the difficult yet critical topic of drug dose calculations for the administration of medicines. The process is transformed into a sequence of easy steps by drawing on the common sense and life skills of the reader.

Safety in Numbers: Essential Calculations for Nurses
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Cannabis is one of the most widely used drugs in the world. Popular as a recreational drug for thousands of years, it has also been used as a medicine since 2300 BC. Over the last few decades, cannabis users and an increasing number of doctors and scientists have demanded that ... read more

Cannabis on the Brain
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