Longing & Belonging by Edwina Pio is a rich resource that explores the ethnic diversity of Aotearoa New Zealand today. It is a stimulating mix of hard facts, stories of adaptation by recent and older immigrants, and ThinkPieces

Longing & Belonging : Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American and African peoples in New Zealand
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Local government in New Zealand faces major challenges. Among the most pressing are continual legislative change, threats to its autonomy, the gradual erosion of community voices in council planning and decision-making, and the need for funding solut... read more

Local Government in New Zealand: Challenges & Choices
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New Zealand is one of the classic immigrant-dependent societies but the nature of migrant flows into the country has changed dramatically since the 1960s. The historic reliance on immigrants from the UK and Ireland was supplemented a... read more

Welcome to Our World? Immigration and the Reshaping of New Zealand
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Local government in New Zealand is experiencing major upheaval. The creation of an urban unitary council for Auckland, the overthrow of elected representation for the Canterbury region and other instances of intrusion of central gov... read more

Along A Fault-Line: New Zealand's Changing Local Government Landscape
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At the UN brings together a selection of addresses by Helen Clark to international audiences during her first term leading the UN Development Programme. These speeches reflect Helen Clark's passion for ... read more

At the UN: Addresses from Helen Clark's First Term Leading the United Nations Development Programme
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This is Gerald McGhie'sfascinating and insightful account of some of the highlights of almost 40 years service as a New Zealand diplomat - most notably in the Soviet Union - twice - first during the Brezhnev years of the Cold War; and second fro... read more

Balancing Acts - Reflections Of A New Zealand Diplomat
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There is well-documented concern regarding the links between poverty and education; statistics demonstrate, over many decades, that the economically poorer the New Zealand child's family, the more likely it is the child will not reach her/his potential. The blame for such inequitable outcomes is vario... read more

Twelve Thousand Hours: Education and Poverty in Aotearoa New Zealand
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 NZ Society

Beyond the Free Market is essential reading for all those who seek to live in a society built on humanitarian concerns. It is a searching analysis of the changes wrought by market-based economics in New Zealand society of the last thirty years. It presents appropriate strategies to enable us to re-est... read more

Beyond the Free Market: Rebuilding a just society in New Zealand
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This is the account by (the late) Michael Green, NZ High Commissioner in Fiji, of his years and role in Fiji until the surprising announcement of his change in diplomatic status to "Persona Non Grata" (unwelcome person) in 2007, a sta... read more

Persona Non Grata: Breaking the Bond - Fiji and New Zealand 2004-2007
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The Fourth Labour Government was an extremely controversial one and David Lange, its intelligent, quick-witted and charismatic leader, has attracted both criticism and accolade for his role and prime-ministership. That NZ today is a more dynamic, ... read more

For the Record : Lange and the 4th Labour Government
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Memories of the Bolger years by those who worked closely with and for him in the two sequential National Governments of which he was Prime Minister of New Zealand between 1990 and 1997. These accounts vividly portray the political dynamics and challenges of the government that su... read more

The Bolger Years
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This book focuses on leadership in New Zealand with a particular focus on the dynamics of the recent general election and the reasons for the outcome of that election. It will appeal to a broad market - and is indeed written in a style that will appeal to all who have an interest in NZ politics.

Politics of Possibility, The : Leadership in Changing Times
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